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cami & Elisabeth of Biz birthday bash


About Biz Birthday Bash

We’re Cami and Elisabeth, two best friends who met on the Internet by going full-time with our stationery businesses on the exact same day! (September 16, 2016 to be exact!) We both took verrrry different paths to get here (Elisabeth planned on going full-time and put in her two weeks, and Cami was laid off from her dream journalism job when the magazine folded.) We have very different stories, solutions, and processes, but we’ve had the same end goal since the beginning: do this, and do it well!

We’ve been each other’s shoulders to cry on (not over boys, but over client mishaps and big ole OH CRAP moments) and cheerleaders for each other’s success. And when we decided to officially meet in person for the first time celebrate our one year biz birthdays together (September 16, 2017), we knew we wanted to make it a party not just for us, but for you too. We hosted a free webinar sharing our biggest tools, resources and strategies that helped us go full-time, match our corporate income and figure out those pesky details like taxes, how much coffee goes into an invitation suite, where to find clients who love and value you, the best printing places and how hard it is to be your own boss. And that was just the beginning!

We’re on a mission to help creatives like you — ambitious artists, calligraphers and stationers — get on the right path (and stay there!) so you can celebrate your biz birthday too. Are you ready to say HECK YES to getting your crap together in your biz? Then you’re in the right place! Welcome to the Biz Bash party!

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