Creating a One-and-Done Lookbook

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About Cami

Hey y’all!! I’m Cami! I’m a watercolor artist and custom wedding stationer all about designing with purpose & PER👏🏼SON👏🏼ALITY. (Hand claps are optional.) THAT is what I try to serve up in big ole doses when I create custom invitations, and I love telling stories with watercolor instead of words. I'm also the daughter of a watercolor artist who named me quite appropriately (Monet really is my middle name) and taught me everything I know. I love staying true to the value of family legacy, and I like to help others find theirs with a little dash of whimsy along the way. (And hopefully with a fun pet portrait or two!)

I also co-host The Biz Bash Podcast with my oh-so-smart and lovely co-host Elisabeth of ElisaAnne Calligraphy. We’re all about making biz strategy a piece of cake and teaching other “art-prenuers” how to run a profitable and personality-packed creative biz. Together we are Biz Birthday Bash. We’re on a mission to help creatives like you — ambitious artists, calligraphers and stationers — get on the right path (and stay there!) so you can celebrate your biz birthday too.

When I’m not painting, podcasting or snackin’ (it’s a lifestyle), you can find me hanging out with my ridiculously good-lookin’ hubby who is the marshmallows to my Lucky Charms, thrifting for vintage treasures or picking up heavy things at the gym.

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